Have you ever had some beautiful OOAK fibre go missing in the mail? Now imagine that's happened three times in the last month :(

Something's going very, very wrong with the mail in Spain lately... Beautiful batts from CountessAblaze - MIA. It's quite odd because I ordered from fibre the week after, and it arrived within a couple of days. Then batts and locks and rolags from Siobhan Crafts - MIA. And on top of it all, yarn for a sweater (that's like 6 skeins of sock yarn, guys!!) from Fondant Fibre, custom dyed - MIA. Screaming intensifies. I also had some face oils go missing but the replacements arrived - but whatever, it's not OOAK wool, yo.

Generally, I feel quite awful because these are all one-woman shops and I don't want to burden them with what's quite clearly a Spanish mail problem... A few more days until they're deemed officially missing by Royal Mail - and we'll see what happens.

On top of that - another disappointment! The Xisqueta wool I ordered is a let down. It's been washed so awfully that it's really felted together, and any attempts to card it result in a tube of sponge instead of a rolag. Maybe that's due to the natural crimp of the wool anyway, but it's still not what I expected. Maybe I'm comparing it to long and straight merino fibres... But I've really got no idea what to do with it next. Hmm.

Until then, I've been spinning some lovely superfine Shetland in Sherbert Dip by Fondant Fibre - I'm trying a fractal spin so should have some nice matchy-matchy bits and some lovely crazy barberpoling. I split the braid halfway lengthways and spun one bit as is, and the other half I've split into about 8 more thin strips which I'm working on today. I've plonked myself down in front of the telly, catching up on last night's X Factor, and sipping on a nice cuppa as I spin. Small pleasures.

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