This week marks two years since I hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu - four days of walking through humid jungle, dusty sand, and huge slippery rocks. As a lazy couch potato with a rather large and wobbly bottom, it was no easy feat, and I've never felt so proud of myself. There's something really incredible about standing at the Sun Gate, looking over an ancient Incan city, and knowing that you worked really hard to get there. You could definitely smell the effort, what with the lack of showers over the course of the trail, at least!

With the recent opening of my little wool shop (there's a link to the left if you'd like to had a look), I've felt a renewed sense of pride. I look at the boxes full of hand dyed wool, handcarded rolags, and hand-dizzed roving, and I think "Hey, I made that!" Ever since I picked up a spindle in May two years ago, and spun that thick and thin, lumpy bumpy piece of string, I fell in love with fibre crafts. Smooth and lustrous singles, or crazy textured art yarn... I've been covered with a piece of fluff here and there ever since and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Spindles & Stitches has been my brainchild for a good long while, and so much hard work has gone into it - thank you so much for reading my blog and liking my Instagram posts and placing orders. It's because of all of you guys that I do what I love and love what I do, I'm so grateful for your support and kind words. And now, with dyeing and carding and labelling and packing, just like those final steps of the hike, I find myself thinking "I can do this" :)

There are rolags (long rolags from a blending board, and lovely fluffy chunky ones off the carders), plenty of hand dyed top, some pencil roving, handpulled roving, and super soft and squishy blended tops. Some colourways are OOAK, but some are so wonderfully vibrant that it would be a crime to not make them permanent!

This has been a project in the making for a good few months now, and an idea floating round my head for so many more - a big thank you to everyone who has been helpful and supportive (because really, "I want to paint fluff and roll it around on a big brush" doesn't sound like such an impressive career choice ;) )

Click here to go to the shop!

The link will go live on Monday :)

Normally, I've been a "finish one thing, before you start another" when it comes to knitting. I'd seen people with ten, twenty projects on their needles and I had two thoughts: a) how will you remember which is which? and b) how is it possible to have that many needles??! And then... I became one of them. Read below to see what's what :)

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For a brief but wonderful while, Emma and Querube came back to Barcelona. Life fitted right back to its usual ways - with coffee and cake and stories of the last few months, accompanied by wandering around the city and discovering nooks and corners that we'd never visited. This time, though, we were joined in Cosmo by the most fluffy, playful, adorable little puppy - a welcome addition to the last weekend together :)

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January is a busy month at work, so lately my life seems like: get up early, go to work, come home, eat, sleep, repeat. On top of that, we've reorganised the flat a little, and I'm trying to sort out various shelves and cupboards to make them clean and tidy for the year. So, today I went to a 3 year old's birthday party in an incredibly gorgeous garden - a little suburban oasis to escape a hectic city life, complete with tortoises, chickens, and a pig whose name translates to "Little Bacon"...

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