Didn't this year go quickly? Last time I checked, I was moving into a new flat and it was barely August. Now, four months have flown by and we find ourselves on the 31st once again.

I've had some amazing things happen this year, both big and small: cuddles with the kids, meeting R, having my own place, getting a new job, buying a spinning wheel, walks on the beach with the dog, good times with family and friends, learning how to make proper Polish kopytka...

As for my resolutions:

  • Buying something in each update of Countess Ablaze's Odyssey Trail collection... I aaalmost did this one. The last update was yarn only, and all quite bright colours so nothing really took my fancy. 92% isn't bad, right?
  • I bought fibre from Hilltop Cloud and Spin City... I didn't get any from Two if by Hand, On the Round, or Pigeon Roof Studios. Mainly, the reason was just that shipping costs from the US are high, and it's not always worth it to me to buy $15 of fibre and pay $12 for shipping.
  • Tour de Fleece was absolutely fabulous - big fat tick for that one! Can't wait for TDF2016 already :)
  • Ah, now knitting a jumper for NaKniSweMo was tricky. I'd ordered beautiful yarn, custom dyed, from Fondant Fibre, and it got lost in the post. So that's really a grey area for me - I didn't complete it, but through no fault of my own...
  • Rewatched GoT and Peep Show many times...
  • I bought a Turkish spindle from TurtleMade - decided I'm not that keen on spinning on them. I don't mind, but I definitely prefer a drop spindle and my wheels.
  • I bought a Nunoco Smorgasbox! Not just one, but two. The Incense box, and the Winter Ball box.

Not a resolution, but still something I wanted to do - I attempted to spin for 15 minutes every day this year. For the first 5 months or so, it was a roaring success... and then I got a new job and moved house and went on holidays and it all went down the pan.

And, just to round off the year, here's the yarn that time forgot:

Clockwise from top left: The Valleys (Hilltop Cloud), Fuzzlings (Fondant Fibre), The King of Hearts (Nunoco), Luckenbooth (Fondant Fibre), Harlequin blend in Bone (Fondant Fibre), Sherbert Dip (Fondant Fibre)

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