I'm a twenty-something living in Barcelona - I came here to work as an au pair, taking care of two gorgeous little girls and a very scruffy dog, and now I'm part of the wonderful world of share plan administration. Originally from London, I studied mathematics and economics and had a few stints in the world of banking before I decided to drop everything, travel, and live a little before having to become "responsible" in any way, shape or form.

My love affair with yarn and fibre started back in December 2013, when I asked my grandmother to teach me to crochet. It didn't really work out, seeing as she's right handed and I'm a lefty and we just couldn't co-ordinate - I turned to the wonderful world of YouTube tutorials which opened up a whole new world for me. After returning from South America in May 2014, I ordered a drop spindle and some wool, and fell in love with spinning my own yarn. To complete the yarn addict's holy trinity, I taught myself to knit in June 2013, and I've been permanently covered with a few yarn hairs here and there ever since.

I love fruit that's completely rock solid (nectarines must crunch or they go in the bin), thick woolly jumpers, evenings spent reading in the bath, windy autumn days where leaves crunch under your feet, chewing gum that keeps its flavour for ages, good movies, terrible TV shows, fleecy pyjamas, letter writing and adorable stationery, the perfect red lipstick, and big cups of tea. And cheese. I love cheese. Can't stand the sound of cardboard boxes being opened, the smell of bananas, or the texture of velvet.

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