Normally, I've been a "finish one thing, before you start another" when it comes to knitting. I'd seen people with ten, twenty projects on their needles and I had two thoughts: a) how will you remember which is which? and b) how is it possible to have that many needles??! And then... I became one of them. Read below to see what's what :)

Clockwise from top left:

Plain stockinette cowl, knitted with this gorgeous mohair loop I bought at Spitalfields Market in London. I'm knitting it with 12mm needles to make it loose and airy, and so you can see the lovely loops and curls between the stitches. It's so light and fluffy, like a little hairy cloud. Can't wait to see what it will look like when done - I aim to make it long enough to wrap around twice, and will graft the ends together.

Baby hats for a coworker:
Olivia's Butterfly crochet hat, in rainbow wool (I don't have the label) on a 4.5mm hook
Pixie Bonnet crochet hat, with tassels and flowers stitched on one side
Easy Peasy Newborn Sock Hat with some slight adjustments, I changed the number of stitches around, and changed the needle size and yarn weight, and then added some little crochet ears :)

Vanilla Latte Socks from a sock blank that was gifted to me by Deb from Fondant Fibre - I don't have the label with the colourway anymore - it's a lovely mix of purples and blues and reds. It's quite strange to be knitting a cuff-down sock, I much prefer toe-up as there is no grafting (does anyone actually like Kitchener? Do they?) but so far it's been quite enjoyable. Hopefully part of the way to my four pair goal this year.

Another plain stockinette cowl - again on overly large needles to make it loose and airy... This time I'm using three strands of Knitpicks Palette held together (the light blue is Clarity, the green is Sagebrush, the grey is Gosling) and the colours are mixing and marbling so perfectly - I can't wait for this to be finished. My only issue is that the Palette yarn isn't quite as soft as I expected - it's 100% Peruvian yarn - though hopefully it will soften somewhat after a good soak. Maybe I'm just too used to 100% merino?

Seashore jumper, knitted with custom-dyed MCN (merino, cashmere, nylon) from Fondant Fibre in Amazing Grey (a lovely warm grey semi-solid with muted mint and teal scattered throughout) and for the contrast stripes I will use Minty Fresh (bright mint with speckles of dark mint, teal and navy). I'd been meaning to knit this for NaKniSweMo in November, but the yarn was lost in the post and long story short, I'm doing it now. So far, so good - I'm learning German short rows and so far I'm liking them very much.

And last, but not least, Henry's Bunny - he's called Jack and he's knitted from a fluffy wool single, stuffed with some Xisqueta wool scraps, and his ears are a little wonky but he's so endearing! My favourite thing I've made recently :)

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