Technically, most of these were spun in April. I've been ridiculously busy with preparations for a big family party abroad (more on that in another post!) and spinning got pushed to the side. I had four lovely skeins all ready to reskein and photograph, and they just got waylaid... Not to mention my #spin15in15 goal - I've been so good with it, only missing about four days so far, and then bam! over a week with no spinning...

My first spin on the lovely Zelda was Nebula from Spin City - a mix of black alpaca, tencel, violet angelina, and merino in shades of pink, mint, lime, purple and turquoise. I decided to spin it as singles to keep the lovely colours from turning into grey mud, and I ended up with 617m of a lovely mottled, minty-purple barberpoled yarn. Lightly fulled for durability, it's still wonderfully soft and squishy, and just what I expected from Louise's fibres.

Next on the wheel was Spreads News Among People from Countess Ablaze, a braid of Southdown. I'd never spun Southdown before, and it seemed surprisingly spongy due to the crimp of the wool, but I found the crimp increased the friction and made the yarn really easy to spin. I chain-plied it and ended with 102m of a thick and springy yarn.

Imbolc from Hilltop Cloud was next: it's a mix of merino, BFL, soya silk, Shetland and Angelina (45/25/12.5/12.5/5), in grey, white and mint tones with a little bit of sparkle. I spun it as a standard two-ply, ending with 130m, and the end yarn was so different to the braid! The braid had stripes of colour that were very obvious (despite the similar colour range), whereas the yarn looks mint-green upon first glance, with lovely subtle colour changes when you look closely. There's pops of grey, beige, and bright mint, with a really light sparkle throughout. Not only is it really beautifully soft, but I can't stop staring at all the delicate colour variations in the yarn. Really, really happy with this one!

Last but not least: Deep and Meaningful from Fondant Fibre. I think this is the first yarn I've spun with a project in mind, which is so unlike me! It's a mixture of superwash merino and nylon, so the most logical choice was socks - I ended up with 319m so it should be enough for socks just beyond the ankle, even on gargantuan feet such as mine. Either way, toe-up until the yarn runs out and hope for the best!


  1. Oh my goodness! You're putting me to shame ;) I've barely touched my wheel recently! The Spin City yarn looks INCREDIBLE! xx

    1. It was mostly spun up end of April/very beginning of May before I went away for a big family party, and since then I haven't had the time or the mojo to really spin much... And yes! Spin City always is amazing, I've never been disappointed with the fibre yet!


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