If you've ever been to a Polish wedding, you probably remember the delicious food, the cheesy music, and the humongous, skull-splitting hangover you had to face in the morning.

In early May, we celebrated my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary, and what better way to do it than with a huge family party? It was so lovely to see everyone - people I would never recognise if they walked past me on the street - and to spend a really fun night together.

As ususal, the vodka bottles were cracked open as soon as the food began to appear. Cheers to this, cheers to that, and before you know it, you're twelve shots down and the party isn't even in full swing yet! More and more food kept arriving to the tables - chicken wrapped in parma ham, bacon joints, stewed cabbage, soup, salads, cakes, fruit, fish, bread... - and each time you came back to your seat, there was something fresh to try.

Polish dancing isn't very refined, to say the least. Plenty of country-style do-si-do-ing, conga lines, dancing in a circle... But it's all good fun and even Papa Dok, who really doesn't dance, couldn't resist. By the time 1am rolled around, everyone was singing at the tables and feeling very festive indeed. The band started to play a song that required people to stand up and take shots depending on what month they were born in, what they were wearing... and at 3am everyone started to stumble
off home... before coming back at 11am to finish off the food, and of course, a few more shots :)

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