Summer's here, which means Spain is all about sunshine and siestas... and lovely new wool braids languishing in their mailing bags waiting to be photographed.

A few goodies from Countess Ablaze: first, from the delayed Odyssey Trail update from April, a wonderfully smooth and soft skein of BFL and mulberry silk (55/45) in My Life Was Your Gift - it's a rich magenta and purple, with flashes of green and lilac peeking through.

To give you an idea of how long I've been faffing around before writing this post, I also got the next month's Odyssey Trail order through yesterday. Yep. A gorgeous blue-turquoise-green braid of White Devon in Are You Recklessly Roving As Pirates Do? that reminds me of the sea I walk along every day. I've never spun White Devon before... It feels a little hairy. I suppose if I don't like spinning it I can always make a wig :)

The other braid that arrived was the monthly Custom Blend: Corriedale and rose fibre (80/20) in Pigs. I love how the rose fibre streaks through the pinky red of the the Corriedale and I'm excited to see how it looks spun up! I have the perfect wool for plying it with too...

Last but not least - Wildcraft's May 2015 club parcel. Superwash Falkland in Falling Blossom, white wool with lovely patches of pink and blue. I had no idea Superwash Falkland was so unbelievably soft. It's like spinning magical fairy unicorn clouds. I liked the feel so much that the wool hopped onto my wheel the very same evening :)

Wildcraft spindles never fail to disappoint me. This month's, with its light blue whorl and larkspur and quince petals, and Queen Anne's lace, is so beautifully delicate. And, of course, it spins like a dream.

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