They say there's nothing quite so detrimental to publishing a blog as a lack of internet connection. And they say that there's no customer service quite so slow as Spanish customer service. You can probably see where I'm heading with this...
It's been a very busy two months!

At the beginning of August, I moved out of the lovely home I shared with my host family in El Masnou, and moved into a little flat in central Barcelona. Lots of cleaning, and two IKEA trips later - only one of which was successful, what with everything shutting down completely on public holidays even if it's a Saturday - we have a gorgeous little place to live. "We" being myself and the mister, of course! He's in the process of moving in, so the shelves are lovely and full with books and knick-knacks and lots of little bits and pieces. 

I've also started my new job! I'm working a support role for a company that plans and implements share plans for huge clients worldwide. It's actually more fun than it sounds - I get to play around with Excel all day, and write really long formulae that almost never work first time round :) The people are great, it's a twenty minute walk from door to door, and the office looks out over the sea. That said... all this work malarkey is massively cutting into my spinning and knitting time...!

And, on top of everything, Mister and I went to Poland a couple weeks ago for a wedding! Normally, you meet the parents... Then the rest of the family, bit by bit. But oh no - he met them all at once. I actually felt quite sorry for him, being bombarded with about thirty new people who don't speak any English and who are ridiculously loud and thrust food and vodka in your face at any given opportunity. Still, he took it on the chin and I was very proud at all the effort he put in. He's already been invited back, ha!

We had a slight issue with the internet connection when we moved in... After hearing "it's still processing, call us again in 72h" every three days for almost three weeks, we got annoyed and went with another provider. I then got to hear "it's still processing call us again in 72h" every three days regarding the cancellation of the first product!! Absolutely ridiculous. However, we have a jolly good connection now, so I have absolutely no excuse not to update this. Coming soon - finally, an update of my Tour de Fleece work! And only two months late... :')

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