The last week of TDF, the spinning picked up! I actually got quite a lot done and I'm really happy with the results :) Lots of different techniques, colours and fibres made for a very busy but enjoyable week.

The first thing I finished this week was spinning up the Pigs from CountessAblaze and plying it with the Cherry Bakewell from Fondant Fibre - something I like to call Pigging Out. There's over 500m of lovely, squishy, marled goodness, and it's nice and fine, perfect for a shawl or some dainty socks.

Next on the menu were the Popsicle fuzzlings from FF, which I spun thick and thin and chain-plied it for some extreme puffy sections. I love the colours - grey, yellow, pink and mint, with a hint of silver sparkle :)

After that, I spun up the Ida fuzzlings, and chain-plied the whole lot. I'm absolutely in love with this! The silk gives it a gorgeous shine, and the colours (grey, peach and mint) are my favourites!

The penultimate spin was for the challenge day - I spun up my Dovedale rolags long draw, which I still have a little issue with! There were some chunky bits, and some super thin bits... Overall, I'm just going to pretend that the "rustic" look was what I was going for all along. I chain-plied it, and it's really lovely and lofty because of the extra air when spinning woollen. Now just to practice this more because I really enjoy the technique and want to get a more even yarn. 

The last spin - the one I'd been working on throughout the whole Tour - was the organic merino nests in Smokescreen from FF. I'd done these on a spindle, mostly because Zelda, my e-spinner, is too heavy to lug to the mister's house. I finished them on Sunday, and ended up with a lovely fingering-weight single! 

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