I tend to get a little bored when working on the same project for what seems like forever - I love to pick up another project to take a break from the previous. Then, of course, a third to have a break from the second, and so on...

I've been working on my pink-green Secret Smorgling box from Nunoco: the colours in the gradient are bright pink, green, purple, orange, yellow, soft pink, lilac, and so far I've working through the bright pink and part of the way through green. It's spinning up super fine, so although I've been working on it all week, it just seems like I've not even made a dent in the fibre. I'm pleased with how it's spinning up, but it's quite discouraging to spin and spin and spin some more, and feel like you've done nothing. I feel like it will become a more long-term project because I just won't be able to focus long enough to finish it quickly, but let's see!

I wanted a more gratifying chunky spin - cue Stonecrop (also from Nunoco). I've decided it would be perfect for a 3-ply combo spin with Pansies Falkland and Purple Topshells Romney (both from Wildcraft), what with the grey-yellow/yellow-purple/purple-grey colourways. I've already managed to spin up one of the two batts, and I'm working through the second. It's spinning up nice and quickly, with about fingering weight singles. I meant to spin a lot thicker but the batt has chosen this thickness and that's okay! I'm excited to see how it will all look.

Hen is all spun up, and waiting for Rooster to be started. I've taken to wrapping paper around the spindle shaft, so I can slip off the cop in one go, and onto a knitting needle. This makes for easy plying with a very-terrible-but-it-works lazy kate with a box and a knitting needle poked through.

My quickie project has been a textured wrap cowl that I started last week. I've alternated rows of stockinette, reverse stockinette (purl), garter stitch, mock ribbing and seed stitch to create a lovely textured scarf. It's blocking now, but once dry I'll stitch up the ends and it will be ready to wear - just in time for the ends of winter in Barcelona! :)

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