This past week has been a bit higgledy-piggledy all over. We've had plenty of beginnings and endings: new knitting projects, completed handspun, various illnesses floating around the house...

I finished my hat for the Mystery Swap! I'm so, so happy with it, that I kind of want to keep it. But I've addressed the parcel already so... I was lucky enough to be matched with Amy - I'm an avid reader of her blog and we interact via Instagram quite often - so it's really nice to send something to someone you feel like you know a little. (Amy, if you happen to be reading, just scroll down a little, or squint your eyes so the surprise isn't totally ruined...)

I've been working on my combospin - and first true three-ply - this week! It's all finished, washed, and reskeined. I'm just waiting for a little sunshine (and time!) to take a few photos.

And I've started a Five by Five cowl! Two skeins of tweed merino from Countess Ablaze in Goddess Fortune and a skein of baby alpaca and silk from Greta and the Fibers in a lovely light green.

They say all roads lead to Pudding. Or at least, that's where I keep ending up. There's something so comforting about the squishy chairs and delicate crockery that I can't not go in... I sat around in All You Knit is Love, hunting for the perfect addition to my upcoming scarf and then cheekily using their swift and ball winder, before struggling in the wind towards Carrer Pau Claris and the quaint little haven that lies there. I managed to scribble down a few more lines in an ongoing letter to a friend whilst sipping on a camomile tea, before the welcome arrival of E&Q and the inevitable gossip session.

Littlest Bug has been poorly recently: she caught chicken pox at daycare (which passed relatively without drama, thankfully, and luckily Big Bug didn't catch it) and then just after all that was over, a tummy bug which involved gallons of bodily fluids on floors and clothes and Aleks.  And now that she's fine, obviously I'm catching the sniffles. I feel like at least one person at home must be ill at any given time, no?

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