There's nothing better than a relaxing weekend spent gossiping with friends. Except for a relaxing three-day-weekend spent gossiping with friends. I never really know when Spanish fiesta days pop up, so it's always a lovely surprise when I get an extra day off for no real reason except for the fact that some saint somewhere did something somewhat notable at some point in the past. M'agrada molt*.

Saturday was spent at the usual haunt: Alsur Born. The conversation was good, laughter plentiful, and the lemon tart nowhere near lemony enough.

On Monday, Emma showed me a gorgeous little café behind Passeig de Gracia: Pudding. It's geared towards students and young professionals, as well as families with children. Thankfully, never the twain shall meet, with the wifi area and larger tables being on the ground floor, and the children's play area on a mezzanine level below. The café itself is beautifully decorated, and everything comes out on colourful heart-shaped plates. I treated myself to a brownie and (what I thought was) a black tea, with a little milk on the side. The waitress, alas, brought me a masala chai. I spent a few minutes wondering why I could smell cinnamon, until I glanced at the teabag label and realised something wasn't quite right... That said, a little bit of milk and sugar and it was rather nice. We spent a good few hours there, Emma and Querube working on to-do lists and lesson plans, me working on the mustard hat that is taking absolutely forever and ever and ever. But is actually almost done.

(I thought I was being sneaky with the photo, but I had a look and there's a little Aleks looking back at me from one of the mirrors. Eep!)

Speaking of knitting, I finished the textured wrap cowl for my host mum. I'd knitted her a braided wrap cowl for her birthday in November, and she loved it so much she asked for another in a different colour. I switched stitches every few rows, so it's a spontaneous mix of stockinette, reverse stockinette, garter stitch, seed stitch and mock ribbing - whatever I felt like at the time! Blocked, stitched together, dreaded ends weaved in, and it's ready to wear!

After a long Wednesday, where the little one (who has had chicken pox for the last week) decided to play the let's-see-how-much-I-can-get-on-Aleks's-last-nerve game all day, at least the clouds outside cheered me up.

*"I like it a lot" - my Catalan skills are clearly really coming into their own. Molt bé! 

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