On Saturday, we took a day trip to Blanes. Querube was desperate to go to the Costa Brava, and Blanes is the first town along that coastline (it's also conveniently on the train line that passes Masnou, which made things easy-breezy for me...). Forecast was good, sun was shining... We packed our bags and headed out.

The journey was quite nice - we passed a lot of beautiful little beach towns, had a little bit of gossip... I even managed to get a little knitting done on the train ride. We arrived, and the sea was nowhere to be seen. Quite an oddity, seeing as the R1 line goes along the coast. Turns out, it veers off into the mainland just by Blanes, and we ended up getting a taxi from the train station down to the beach.

First stop: Sa Palomera rock. We climbed up the uneven rickery stone steps and took a look around. It was crazy windy, but the views from the top were just incredible. The water was so clear, and a gorgeous teal colour.

After a bit of a wander, we settled down for a bite, then headed back down to the beach. Despite the blustery day, we'd all committed to sunning ourselves, at least for a little while! We found a little ditch in the sand to shield us from most of the wind, and spent a couple of hours lazing about. There was a big bunch of seagulls that made me a little nervous; they kept creeping closer, and each time I looked up I could have sworn I saw another three join the flock... I knitted a few more rows of the socks I'm working on, and before we knew it, it was time to pack up our things and head home :)

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