Earlier in the year, I bought a mammoth haul from Fondant Fibre - included were a set of Adele fuzzlings, 100g of gorgeous squishy mini-batts that are ready to spin

Adele is a wonderful mix of merino, silk, cashmere and bronze sparkle - gorgeously soft, super smooth, and a really beautiful combination of teal, peachy orange, white and a greyish lilac.

Looking for an "instant gratification" spin, I decided on chunky singles for this fibre. I also didn't want the colours to blend too much because I quite liked the separate chunks and how they clashed yet complemented each other.

I ended up with 99m from 100g, at a chunky weight of lightly fulled, lofty, low twist singles. Fulling is still a pretty new concept to me - I'm scared that I'll end up with a mass of woolly dreadlocks - but it actually turned out pretty well!

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