When it comes to blended tops, I reckon Spin City has it covered. Beautifully bright colours, a big range of wools and fibres, and drafting is easy-breezy - they basically spin themselves... I've not been disappointed by an order yet!

As someone whose favourite colours are beige neutrals, teals and soft greens (mint green is my LIFE), I'm not usually one for bright colours when I spin. But when I browse Louise's shop, I just can't resist. A while back I bought Rebel Rebel, and before that some beautiful flowery drop spindles (which, as a clumsy butterfingers, I've cracked and that makes me sad).

My order arrived, all wrapped up. It's the little touches like this that make it special, because who doesn't like to unwrap a gift? Crazy people, that's who.

I ordered two braids of Nebula, and one of Mermaid's Hair.

Nebula is my big step away from the comfort zone... Generally, I dislike pink, and I dislike sparkle. This one has both! It's also got lime green, mint green (yaaaaaay!), turquoise and purple merino, white tencel, and naturally black alpaca. My first braid has a lot of mint and lime, which I'm totally fine with. More than fine! I started spinning this the day after I got it - I just couldn't wait. It drafts up like a dream, and just jumps onto the wheel - that's right! I got me a little wheel... but more on that soon. I'm going to keep this one as singles - I like keeping the blended tops as singles because the colours really shine through. I plied Rebel Rebel but if I were to get another braid I'd make some lovely fine singles to really show off the colours.

Mermaid's Hair is a colourway that you wouldn't think would work, but it really does! Turquoise, lime green, purple, white and ...burgundy. Burgundy?! It's crazy, but it works. The fibre's made up of Shetland, merino, bamboo and tencel. Again, lovely squishy and smooshy and soft and I can't wait to spin it up!


  1. Ahhhh I love Spin City!! Louise is fabulous. I think I have some of her faux cashmere in the stash... Maybe I'll get that out next!

  2. Yes! I just love love LOVE her products!

  3. Hello! I'm happy you loved your fibre and my colour choices! Your spinning looks awesome btw! Xx


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