I intended January to be a month of cold-sheeping (a slightly fluffier, less gobble-gobbley cold turkey). Now, I know some people just cannot hold back when it comes to wool, no willpower or thoughts of actual money management... What? No! Who does that? Yeah. Okay. I lasted ten days. Nunoco opened after their Christmas break, and my self-restraint is that of a peanut. -1 responsbility. Boo.

Speckled Egg batts are mix of merino, tussah silk and silk noil in a gradient from light duck egg blue through to a greeny turquoise, with bits of brown noil that give gentle texture. The plan for this is to spin it as a gradient and chain-ply. I want to keep the colours as they are.

I also got a pack of mixed merino in Fen - I adore the colour mix. Coral, pink, fawn, charteuse, olive... Rather than spin these, I'm going to use them as thrums in the gorgeous Cadeautje slippers for next autumn and winter.

Also, my long awaited White Rabbit. This fibre is just gorgeous. Like, really, really gorgeous. I just want to run around, make people touch it, and channel my inner Rachel (though really, I'm a Ross):

It's made of fine merino (18.5 microns to be precise), milk protein, mulberry silk, faux cashmere, and firestar for a hint of sparkle. It just slides through your fingers,.. I don't think I've ever felt fibre this soft. This one is definitely going on the repeat list. And, it's suitable for hand dying which means you can have super-super-fluffy-cloudness in whichever colour you like! It also comes with an adorable little stitch marker, true to its name :)

Recently I signed up for A Beautiful Mess' Happy Mail subscription. Barcelona is notoriously shit for finding birthday cards that aren't a) ridiculously expensive, and b) ridiculously ugly. Shopping for a card for an upcoming occasion is like squeezing blood from a stone. A stationery-less stone. This pack is a monthly arrival, and comes with cards for various occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, seasonal holidays and also the very welcome blank cards for any and every occasion you'd like.

The plan is to stock up on greeting cards over the next few months, then take over the world have the best cards in Bcn. +1 responsibility, right there. Take that, adulthood - I'm breaking even!

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