January brings with it the return of school, the replacement of wall calendars, and ample reeds and driftwood washed up on the beach (much to Dog's delight). With the girls in school, I donned my coat and wellies and took her to the beach for some running, jumping, stick-chewing and hole-digging.

Living across from the beach is a total blessing - there's something comforting about being so close, and I know I'll miss it with all my heart when I move away (either into central Barcelona or back to London, this still remains to be seen). It's also hugely convenient to know that once the front door shuts, I can be flopped on the sand, sizzling away, well before Spotify starts to decide what song to play next on shuffle. Plus, the underpass always smells like really strong soapy detergent and I kind of like it. A lot.

On a clear day you can see the Barcelona skyline, and on a hazy day... well, the palm trees and the frothy waves more than make up for it. Even on a chilly January morning it's well worth putting on a jacket and going for a long stroll, if only to ogle the runners in short-shorts.

The other highlight of the week was the arrival of the second part of my Fondant Fibre Secret Santa swap - as if fibre, yarn, DPNs and delicious treats weren't enough the first time around, I was gifted an adorable wall calendar with photos of sheep, and gorgeous handmade socks. They fit like an absolute dream, and they're super warm and cosy. I've taken to wearing them to bed and it keeps my trotters lovely and snuggly all night long. The yarn is from The Sanguine Gryphon in "Wandering Glider", a mix of superwash merino, cashmere and nylon 70/20/10, which makes them luxuriously soft as well as being hardwearing. The perfect winter warmer :)

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  1. Such a lovely beach to live so close to! I just want to run into the sea - even though it's probably pretty chilly!!

    1. I'm incredibly lucky! Four minutes from door to being flopped down and sizzling away. We've had an incredibly warm winter (it's a good 18c in the sunshine around lunchtime) and it was still warm enough for a good dip at the very end of October!


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