I'd never spun from a batt before - I'd always been somewhat scared of "ruining" it by stripping the fibre apart. What can I say? I love them. No predrafting required (my nemesis, it's so boring), the colours fade beautifully, and they're like little clouds of fluffy fibrey goodness to play with. What's not to love? I like big batts and I cannot lie. 

This is my first finished object from a batt - Speckled Egg from Nunoco. The batt itself blends beautifully from a blue-ish grey, through to a gentle blue, through to mint and turquoise. I stripped the batts according to colour, from light to dark, and spun them in order, before chain-plying to preserve the gradient.

It's perfectly balanced after a hot water soak - something that I find really difficult when chain-plying. 121m, chain-ply, at about worsted weight from 100g. I'm incredibly pleased with the final result - it's super soft, squishy, and the colours really are gorgeous. The photos don't do them justice.

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