Instagram user Sherrill came up with a fantastic idea: #spin15in15. The idea is to spin for fifteen minutes every day throughout the year. Certainly seems more manageable than goals to spin a certain weight of wool, or a certain yardage... Instead of weekends of frantic spinning, you take a little time each day to sit down with your fibre and enjoy it. I mean, if you think about it, fifteen minutes really isn't much - it's the time it takes to eat a quick lunch, or to put on your makeup in the morning (or in the case of certain dads, the time it takes in the toilet - why do you need a whole quarter hour??)

I've combined two of my great loves to stay on top of #spin15in15: making tick lists, and washi tape! So far, all eleven boxes have been meticulously marked and it's really spurring me to keep up with it.

The fibre I've been working on is the aforementioned Rebel Rebel from Spin City - a mixture of Merino, Shetland, mohair and bamboo that spins like an absolute dream. 220g gave me 238m/260yds of heavy worsted / light bulky yarn that's soft, squishy, and has an incredible lustre. Now, just to think of what it's going to become...

Whilst that was having a good soak in hot water and drying, there was more spinning to be done to meet my daily quota! I pulled out my drop spindle from Spin City, my Kingfisher Kent Romney from Fondant Fibre, and got to work! I can't believe how beautiful the colours are spinning up - the simple red, purple and teal are somehow giving me white and pink and brown and lilac and blue... and every colour is unexpected and amazing all at the same time. I can't wait to see the final result. And with that, it's time to make a Nutella mug cake, and get on with my fifteen minutes!

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