This weekend followed the usual pattern of friends, cafés and knitting, with a lovely bit of sunshine thrown in for good measure.

After a quick trip to All You Knit Is Love for a pair of 12mm needles (I've been swatching for a huge squishy jumper and my 15mms are just a little too big), we ended up in Cosmo. It's a gorgeous little place, with yummy juices and cakes. I had the Pepi juice - freshly pressed cucumber, apple and ginger. Just the right amount of zing to start your day right! We soon ended up in Brunch & Cake, for - fancy that! - some brunch and cake. Between us, we ended up getting potato and bacon scrambled eggs, creamy mushroom eggs, strawberry brioche and cheese toasties, scrambled egg bagel with avocado... It was just delicious. It's Emma's last couple of weeks in Barcelona - she flies home 14th March so we're making the most of the time left and spending it doing what really matters: eating lots of cake. Huge slices of wonderfully moist cake. Hilary and I had Oreo, Querube had banana-chocolate and Emma chose red velvet - all of which were absolutely yummy. I used the smorgling handspun to crochet her a cowl - it had been promised for weeks and weeks and finally I delivered. Super squishy, really warm and cosy, and the best part is that she's absolutely delighted :)

I finished off the baby hat for a new arrival expected in May (which Dog totally refu1sed to model), spun up some Dundee Cake from Fondant Fibre which is having a lovely soak as I type, and I watched the Anastasia movie from all the way back in 1997. My upcoming projects: a huge woolly jumper (once I get a tape measure), and starting two-at-a-time magic loop socks.. Overall, a really lovely and super productive weekend!

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