I recently treated myself to some goodies from Hilltop Cloud - a shop I'd been ogling for a long time, but never ended up buying anything for some reason. I bought Imbolc and The Valleys, as well as a little wooden WPI gauge. My lovely little parcel arrived on the same day as the gorgeous invitation for my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary party that's happening this May. Everyone's super-mega-excited and scrambling to find an outfit - the whole family will be there (and my granddad is one of ten children so that's a lot of cousins and second cousins...) and you gotta look your best!

Imbolc is from the Ceilidh collection: a ceilidh is a time of celebration where people get together to share food, drink, songs and stories, and Imbolc is particularly apt because it's the first celebration after the mid-winter, celebrating the first signs of growth and the upcoming arrival of spring. It's a lovely mix of merino, BFL, soya silk, Shetland and Angelina (45/25/12.5/12.5/5), with shimmering tones of whites, greys and minty greens.

The Valleys is from the Hiraeth collection, Katie's homage to Wales and the country where this beautiful fibre is made. The dark colours are a tribute to the working men of south Wales that powered the industrial revolution. It's a beautiful mix of purples, greys and browns, with flashes of white running through, and it's made up of merino, Shetland, baby alpaca and mulberry silk (50/25/12.5/12.5).

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