Mama and Papa Doks lead pretty busy lives. They're either out at the gym, or at a zumba class, playing cards, enjoying dinner with friends, various parties and get togethers, weekends away, barbecuing, watching the opera, or entertaining guests, or even catching up on a million TV shows they've got recorded. As such, it was tricky finding a weekend that would work for a quick trip to Barcelona to see their favourite (read: only) daughter, but somehow we managed, and all had a really fantastic few days.

After a gorgeously hot and sunny few weeks, sod's law would have it that it would end up being a drizzly, miserable, grey few days. I thought I'd come early into the city so I could pop into my favourite local yarn store: All You Knit is Love, but lo and behold, it didn't open for another hour. After a long and lazy stroll around the city, it was coming up to eleven so I wandered back in the direction of AYKIL for another try at spending all my money on woolly goodness. Alas, I should've known that the Spanish are notoriously bad at keeping time and so of course it was still shut! I plodded back to Placa Catalunya, decked out in my finest (read: only) wellies, to meet Mama and Papa, which is really where our weekend adventure begins. 

Having previously been in Barcelona, my parents had seen all the major sights; this time was a tour of my most frequented haunts around the city, and relaxed conversation. First stop: Pudding! I come here far too often, mostly because of the gorgeous crockery, but also because the food is good and the camomile tea is delicious. We had a pleasant brunch, and soon headed off to AYKIL for take three of the yarn hunt. Luckily, we made it just before the siesta break, where I picked up a couple of skeins for my Reddit Yarn 2015 swap, and a gorgeous sock blank by Greta and the Fibers which is aching to be knit up, but I'm waiting for a little sunshine just to take a photo before I begin unravelling. 

Just around the corner is the Santa Maria del Mar church which was on Papa's activity wishlist - it's a stunning building with the most amazing stained glass windows and stone archways. Being part of the Dok clan means acting silly at the most inappropriate times: we ended up doubled over with laughter on the church balcony, splitting our sides at a ridiculous joke which, now that I think about it, didn't make much sense... Still, it makes for a very interesting life, because you can never have too much laughter and Papa makes absolutely sure of that. 

We wandered down to Barceloneta and had a little sit down by the port. Really, the owners of the medium sized yachts must be so utterly embarrassed to have to moor theirs next to the beastly giants... (Not that I'm jealous or anything. But if anyone does have a spare yacht going, I will gladly take it off your hands...) And after the customary wander up Las Ramblas, with a pit stop in Carrefour, we went for a simple dinner in a local bar. Decent food, great atmosphere. And then? Bedtime for all, before a very busy Sunday. 

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