I little while back, I bought the Bakery Collection sample pack from Fondant Fibre - four gorgeous cake inspired blends in mini versions so you can try the lot. So far, I've spun up Angel Cake, Chelsea Bun and Dundee but I'm leaving Cherry Bakewell to go with my full size braid.

Dundee (merino, Shetland and silk) wasn't my usual colours at all, but after having spun it up, I'm really loving the blend. At first glance, it looks purple, but after a closer look you see yellows, red, greens and blues cropping up throughout the fibre - it's really lovely. I ended with 29m of a lovely, squishy two-ply.

Angel Cake (merino, baby camel and silk) was the first fibre to be spun up on my new Turkish spindle, so it's a little thick and thin in places but overall I'm happy with the end result. I got 37m out of my 25g sample, and it's super fluffy and squishy - I'd never spun baby camel before but it makes the fibre so lovely and soft... Definitely going to look out for more fibres with this soon.

Chelsea Bun  (BFL, Corriedale, soy, sparkle) was an experiment. A successful one, I'd like to think. I spun a little bit as a thin single, and the rest as a huge fat squishy one, and plied the two together. I ended up with 7m at a super-chunky 4 wpi, and had plenty of the single left over so I made a quick chain-ply with the leftovers.

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  1. -trying to comment from my phone, this will probably fail!- I love them! But if I had to choose, I think Angel Cake is my favourite! I hope you're having a lovely Easter weekend :)


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